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Let's face it, whether we like it or not, we need trust and Authority from the search conglomerates if we want our sites to get found. This show of trust and Authority by search ranking. 

In order to get traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo we need our site to be ranked high enough in the search results to be visible buy the masses. This is equally true of regionally dominant search engines, such as getting traffic from baidu and Yandex.


The problem is, there is no line Universal method for determining rankings common to all the search giants. In fact, algorithm for determining which sites deserve to be ranked and in what order. Furthermore, after many years of being habitually gamed by Bad actors out for a quick easy buck, a large portion of their ranking factors and their respective impact levels of each individual metric are kept top secret.


Making this epic puzzle even more convoluted, the web is full of self-proclaimed "gurus" who claim to have the answer, and want to share it with you for a fee... I would venture to say 99.99% if not 100% of these gurus are nothing more than predatory con artists out to make a quick buck on the naive, by peddling them extremely outdated and sometimes flat out dangerous or permanently damaging SEO advice for outrageous prices that are typically poorly described at best.


Luckily there are a few key metrics that all the search engines publicly agree with in an open Forum straight from the horse's mouth. One of these, is traffic. The amount of people who visit your site, especially returning visitors who keep coming back for more of the content you have to offer, Seymour valuable they judge your content to be. Furthermore, gives them the sense that your site will provide a positive user experience.


That being said, not just any traffic will do. Buying a bunch of spammy bot traffic or joining a traffic Exchange or anything similar will do nothing positive for your SEO and in fact could hurt it badly. 


Quality traffic on the other hand, traffic from organic search or from related sites, and trusted aggregators will do wonders for your site on the other hand. Most importantly, traffic that does not bounce, meaning they actually remain on your site 4 more than a few seconds and actually click through to additional content on your site is serp ranking gold. It sends a clear message 2 Google Bing Yahoo Baidu and Yandex along with all their derivatives that your site is interesting and people are engaging in it and enjoying the content.


This is the type of traffic you need to get your site ranked, and this is let we provide you with.


Don't even think about wasting your cash on Sammy bot traffic generators, exchange traffic, or Ptc sites - they will tank you every time.


Instead, I implode you to focus on quality traffic - traffic that will bring you lasting results and conversions, such as



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